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Guess where I am…?

It’s Spring and it’s time for Open Studios at Hunters Point.


It’s Hunters point Open Studio time again.

Yep, the year has flown by and spring has once again raised its lovely head. It’s also the time the Artists of ‘America’s Largest Art Colony’ open their doors and show their work. And I’m so proud to be one of them.

So be sure, this May – Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th – you pop over and visit, and of course, I’d be delighted if you make a stop at my studio to say hi. I can be found at the Northern end of Building No. 101, Studio No. 1116 – on the lower floor facing the car park.

Click here for all the information you need.

I look forward to seeing you,

Best Regards


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Mill Valley, California, one of my favorites…

Previous exhibitions…

Art and Soul Gallery, Burlingame, CA
Island’s Edge Gallery, Big Island, HI
Xanadu Gallary, Scottsdale, AZ
Sherrus Gallery of Fine Art, Northville, MI
MJ Schaer Fine Art Gallery, Napa, CA
Arches Gallery, Healdsburg, CA
Octavia Haze Gallery, San Francisco, CA
RadArt, New York, NY
Pieces Gallery, Healdsburg, CA
Torrefazione, San Francisco, CA
Anno Domini Gallery, San Jose, CA
Torrefazione Art Café, Palo Alto, CA
Accents Art Gallery – Ashland, OR
Foster City Art Gallery – Foster City, CA